iball customer care number,

Service Center

Location Telephone No. Email
Andhra Pradesh Secunderabad - Hyderabad 50.99333424 rma.secunderabad@iball.co.in
Vijayawada -9247002190 rma.vijayawada@iball.co.in
Visakhapatnam -6639192 rma.visakhapatnam@iball.co.in
Tirupathi -6644450 rma.tirupathi@iball.co.in
Ameerpet - Hyderabad -66639888 rma.ameerpet@iball.co.in
Bihar Patna -3261468 rma.patna@iball.co.in
Chandigarh Chandigarh -5012876 rma.chandigarh@iball.co.in
Chhattisgarh Raipur -680 rma.raipur@iball.co.in
Bilaspur -2410745 rma.bilaspur@iball.co.in
Bhilai -4084698 rma.bhilai@iball.co.in
Goa Margao -742.2036695 rma.margaon@iball.co.in
Goa -3260623 rma.goa@iball.co.in
Gujarat Ahmedabad 12 rma.ahmedabad@iball.co.in
Surat -9979897610 rma.surat@iball.co.in
Jamnagar -9099068930 rma.jamnagar@iball.co.in
Baroda -9712985463 rma.baroda@iball.co.in
Bapunagar - Ahmedabad -9925154072 rma.bapunagar@iball.co.in
Rajkot -9825032613 rma.rajkot@iball.co.in
Mehsana -9727764742 rma.mehsana@iball.co.in
Junagadh -9727764747 rma.junagadh@iball.co.in
Vapi -9727764741 rma.vapi@iball.co.in
Gandhidham -9712909927 rma.gandhidham@iball.co.in
Haryana Gurgaon -4292244 rma.gurgaon@iball.co.in
Ambala 89.99345423 rma.karnal@iball.co.in
Jammu & Kashmir Jammu -100.0002761 rma.jammu@iball.co.in
Jharkhand Jamshedpur -2363022 rma.jamshedpur@iball.co.in
Ranchi -561.3858046 rma.ranchi@iball.co.in
Karnataka Belgaum -740.0004353 rma.belgaum@iball.co.in
Davangere -728.0002344 rma.davangere@iball.co.in
Shivajinagar-Bangalore -42032658 rma.shivajinagar@iball.co.in
Mangalore -733.0005486 rma.mangalore@iball.co.in
SP Road - Bangalore 11 nizam@iball.co.in
Hubli -745.0001178 rma.hubli@iball.co.in
Mysore -4258002 rma.mysore@iball.co.in
Gulbarga +91 - 847 – 2223399/7760966186 rma.gulbarga@iball.co.in
Rajajinagar-Bangalore 10.99565727 rma.rajajinagar@iball.co.in
Kerala Thrissur -396.000246 rma.thrissur@iball.co.in
Trivandrum -2470640 rma.trivandrum@iball.co.in
Kannur -2713006 rma.kannur@iball.co.in
Palakkad -2502150 rma.palakkad@iball.co.in
Alappuzha -386.000237 rma.alappuzha@iball.co.in
Cochin -393 balu@iball.co.in
Calicut -2721537 calicut@iball.co.in
Chenganachery (Kottayam) -390.0002565 kottayam@iball.co.in
Madhya Pradesh Bhopal -4251350 rma.bhopal@iball.co.in
Indore -640.9938212 rma.indore@iball.co.in
Jabalpur -4053901 jabalpur@iball.co.in
Gwalior -4086152 rma.gwalior@iball.co.in
Maharashtra Yavatmal -2323443 rma.yavatmal@iball.co.in
Sangli -6607441 rma.sangli@iball.co.in
Nanded -244768 rma.nanded@iball.co.in
Jalgaon -2238343 rma.jalgaon@iball.co.in
Amravati -3201131 rma.amravati@iball.co.in
Chandrapur -2314437 rma.chandrapur@iball.co.in
Ahmednagar -2423159 rma.ahmednagar@iball.co.in
Pune 70.99999997 rma.pune@iball.co.in
Pimpri -32549537 rma.pimpri@iball.co.in
Nagpur -622.0689925 rma.nagpur@iball.co.in
Aurangabad -9923322457 rma.aurangabad@iball.co.in
Kolhapur -3204550 rma.kolhapur@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Andheri -282526.7263 rma@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Lamington Road -5513090.25 rma.lamington@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Thane -32677531 rma.thane@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Vashi -32949325 rma.vashi@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Kalyan -3260232 rma.kalyan@iball.co.in
Solapur -2327915 rma.solapur@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Ambernath 89.92264696 rma.ambernath@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Panvel -7666922460 rma.panvel@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Virar -159.0000003 rma.admin@iball.co.in
Nashik -2573391 rma.nashik@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Vasai 89.92266054 rma.vasai@iball.co.in
Mumbai - Ghatkopar -9321308010 rma.ghatkopar@iball.co.in
New Delhi Wazir Pur (North Delhi) -8860080464 rma.wazirpur@iball.co.in
Laxmi Nagar (East Delhi) -9312090875 rma.laxminagar@iball.co.in
JanakPuri (West Delhi) -9312090877 rma.janakpuri@iball.co.in
Nehru Place (South Delhi) 79.00002739 rma.delhi@iball.co.in, newdelhi@iball.co.in
North East Guwahati -2463615 rma.guwahati@iball.co.in
Dibrugarh -2322495 rma.dibrugarh@iball.co.in
Agartala -2300348 rma.agartala@iball.co.in
Silchar -9085530010 rma.silchar@iball.co.in
Imphal -2446564 rma.imphal@iball.co.in
Chatribari Road - Guwahati -2542269 rma.chatribari@iball.co.in
Orissa Sambalpur -9337177281 rma.sambalpur@iball.co.in
Cuttack -9337277281 service.cuttack@iball.co.in
Berhampur -9338897281 rma.berhampur@iball.co.in
Bhubaneshwar -6574855 rma.orissa@iball.co.in
Punjab Ludhiana -70.88016745 service.ludhiana@iball.co.in
Jalandhar -5064114 rma.jalandhar@iball.co.in
Amritsar -5062809 rma.amritsar@iball.co.in
Bathinda -5008311 rma.bathinda@iball.co.in
Rajasthan Bikaner -2207257 bikaner@iball.co.in
Jhunjhunu -231600 rma.jhunjhunu@iball.co.in
Ajmer +91 – 145 - 2620414 rma.ajmer@iball.co.in
Raiser Plaza - Jaipur -5102060 rma.raiserplaza@iball.co.in
Alwer -2703147 rma.alwer@iball.co.in
Shriganganagar -2442260 shriganganagar@iball.co.in
Jaipur -50 rma.jaipur@iball.co.in
Udaipur -2481545 service.udaipur@iball.co.in
Jodhpur -2620361 jodhpur@iball.co.in
Kota -2360861 kota@iball.co.in
Tamil Nadu Chennai 46.99536301 service_tn@iball.co.in
Coimbatore -331 rma.coimbatore@iball.co.in
Salem -336.0004687 rma.salem@iball.co.in
Madurai -361.0004653 rma.madurai@iball.co.in
Pondicherry -9094015548 rma.pondicherry@iball.co.in
Trichy -9094015554 rma.trichy@iball.co.in
Annanagar - Chennai -7299915543 rma.annanagar@iball.co.in
Vadapalani - Chennai -7299915544 rma.kodambakkam@iball.co.in
Uttar Pradesh Meerut -9761200182 rma.meerut@iball.co.in
Gorakhpur -9670925528 rma.gorakhpur@iball.co.in
Allahabad -9307601022 rma.allahabad@iball.co.in
Bareilly -8953900088 rma.bareilly@iball.co.in
Varanasi -9389495528 rma.varanasi@iball.co.in
Agra -9389495527 rma.agra@iball.co.in
Lucknow - Naza Market -9307601023 rma.nazamarket@iball.co.in
Kanpur -9984253536 rma.kanpur@iball.co.in
Lucknow -431 rma_lucknow@iball.co.in
Ghaziabad -4157121 rma.ghaziabad@iball.co.in
Uttarakhand Dehradun -44.8174615 rma.dehradun@iball.co.in
Haldwani -6314145 rma.haldwani@iball.co.in
West Bengal Burdwan -8017518478 rma.burdwan@iball.co.in
Siliguri -8017518492 rma.siliguri@iball.co.in
Park Circus - Kolkata -8017518509 rma.parkcircus@iball.co.in
Asansol -8017518479 rma.asansol@iball.co.in
Barasat -8017518486 rma.barasat@iball.co.in
Medinipur -8017518482 rma.medinipur@iball.co.in
G.C.Avenue-Kolkata -8017518470 rma.gcavenue@iball.co.in
Haldia -8017518483 rma.haldia@iball.co.in
Berhampore -8017518489 rma.berhampore@iball.co.in


Anonymous said...

Many numbers are of some other party eg Surat & Baroda...
Correct them
people are suffering of complain calls.

ketul shah said...

baroda iBall service center number wrong kindly change the number actual number is 9712985554

lenovo customer care number said...

Thank you. Your blog was very helpful and efficient For Me,Thanks for Sharing the information.

vipin said...

in my iball andi v 4 dual sim is there,,but after some hour one sim stops working,,shows no service,its my new phone,,i dont how to change that,,after restarts its works for some times and same error occurs why?

Anonymous said...

My I ball andi3e stoped working withing 6 months of purchase, Its touchpad is not working & no service provided.its not good & very poor service. but now shoul i do.

tannay singh said...

Sim ejector of My iball andi 3.5i has been broken within 10 days of purchase, but the service centre showing inability either to repair or replacement.after purchase of phone it is not good to linger during service. it will create bad impact upon manufacturer.
what should i do ?

Anonymous said...

ये ग्रांट रोड वाला सर्विस सेण्टर तो बंद हो जाना चाहिए बस काम हुआ की नहीं ये पूछने के लिए भी गधे सामान एक खड़े रहना पड़ता है वहा काम करने वाले बस फ़ालतू की बहस करते है.

Anonymous said...

Fab 2.8h gives force opening of audio player.the screen light remains on.no use restarting or reset..don't buy iball products

Anonymous said...

useless service centre number

Anonymous said...

Dont purchase iball products.......ITS USELESS

SONU said...

Don't Purchase iball products. it's very bad service. customer and support service is also very bad....

Vivek Gupta said...

3/9/2014 ko tv tunner diya hai abhi tak nahi mila hai 15 din ho gaya hai majak bana ke rakha hai .

Anonymous said...

sir i purches iball modem bu this not conect to net sumtime conect but its not god

Anonymous said...

Its a most worst product in the market..

manav said...

this is to state that i had given my brand new andi phone model - andi4-B23G for repair regarding network connectivity on 28 -10 2014 on your laxmi nagar branch. my document no. - is 123021461732754, and my serial no. is - 911372300050698 and was told that my phone will get repaired in 2-3 days but it has been a week and i donot have received any information regarding the phone. it has been a heart breaking and disturbing experience as i received a faulty hand set from e bay to start with which was not returned due your idiotic and stupid policies. since most of my known, rate your company a scumbag and since you guys are so out of buisness that you are producing malfunctioned phones in large quantities....i assume you guys are planning to shut down your no good company, but before you do so return my phone fully functional and in one piece. i strongly suggest donot buy andi i ball models just because they are cheap.poor and crapy company

Unknown said...

vapi ka koi no.nahi lagta he

latarani sahu said...

sir orissa number swech of any mobial pls another mobial number?????