Gigabyte Motherboard Toll Free Number, Gigabyte Support Number

Gigabyte is company is best branded company in India for Motherboards & Note Books etc.. and its their Toll Free Number and with this you will get Service Centers In you Location

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pradeep said...

I called on the given no. true caller shows gigabyte toll free but nobody picked ..

vedsharma said...

I am ved and i have an issue in Gigabyte Hm55-sv2 after bios upgradataion F4 version from nehru place gigabyte support center. I am unable to install windows8 and windows 2008 on my system While windows xp is only operating system which i can install currently on my system. So kindly provide me steps through which i can install windows 8 on my system. I have done the low formatting of disk in doubt.

Anonymous said...

Try installing xp service pack2

Unknown said...

i think gigabyte is a cheep compny he is not solving the customer issues

Unknown said...

My name is Amar. I'm facing a peculiar problem from last 2-3 weeks.
Whenever I start my computer it is starting but after a few second my monitor turned off automatically(monitor is fine). But Cpu is working fine and speaker also. I have tried to remove cmos battery and again put it after 15-25 minutes later. At the beginning this trick was working and system was running fine. But after a week thick also failed.
My system configuration:
990fxa-ud3 r5 mobo(bios version F2 latest)
AMD fx-6300 black edition
corsair Vengence 4 gb
gpu- nvidea 9500gt (little old but working fine checked with other sytems)

Please help me to solve this problem.
thanks in advance
my e-mail id-

Unknown said...

My Name is Duman Rajak. I am facing a problem from 4-5 Week. Whenever i start my computer is staring and CPU is automatic on and off after some time. Power is not come to Monitor

Duman Rajak

Unknown said...

They never pick the given customer care number...shit and cheap company...i regret i bought their product...

Anonymous said...

Check that cpu is not overheating... Maybe due to hot weather

Unknown said...

Bro can you update the bios if no so update it your problem solved