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Unknown said...

I am Manoj Pradhan.Contact no.-9832033337.I have a bolero CRDE VLX which didn't give pickups easily so i complained to sikkim motors which is a service centre at sikkim.They changed the clutch plate,pressure plate,release bearing,diesel filter of my vehicle but it did not fix the problem.Recently I went to the service Centre again to fix the problems and it has been 4 days that the emloyees there have tried to fix the problem but with no improvement.They have replaced my vehicles EGR Valve and EGR Cooler which was very costly but it still the defect could not be fixed.Now the manager of the service centre is telling me thet i have to replace the injector which is also very costly.He told me that he had been consulted by the Mahindra Company to change the above mentioned parts.
It has been difficult for me without my vehicle so please help me and kindly inform your dealers to detect the exact fault in the vehicle and fix it as soon as possible by using only the needed parts


i purchased verito in 2012 june . after 500 kms i surprized when i saw a little swiming pool in my car. i visit company RAJ DEALERS ,Patiala they check and told AC back pipe not working and they solve this problem( but they stolen my new ac cleaner and put another used cleaner)
after 10000kms i again visit Raj Vehicle for service and they told me this is your 3rd service coz they never inform me for 2nd servive which on 5000 kms.
after few days i open my car boot then i saw there is water again. i visit company RAJ VEHICLE and they check my car diggi and told this rain water came from air ventilator . i ask to change them but they put ELFI and say OK.
yesterday 15/07/2013 a rainy day and my car stay in rain and morning when i open my car again a mini swimming pool for enjoy inside my car.
overall the worst verito car agency in patiala is RAJ VEHICLE, they just sell cars but not satisfied customer. so Car is good but think the dealer before you buy any mohindra product.
jatwinder grewal

Unknown said...

I, L. Siva Rama Krishna a customer of Mahindra bought Mahindra Centuro on 25/9/2013 through Sri Surya Wheels Pvt. Ltd. I booked the vehicle at Ranigunj and took the delivery from R.K. Puram near Neredma X Roads G.K. Colony. having the color of Black, Engine No: UPE DJO36243, Chassis No: MCDKGIB14D1J29450, Key No: 1511, Warrenty Book and Owners Manual No: 46032 with an Invoice No: 524. After having bought the vehicle, I have been using the vehicle only on October 6, 2013 and found that I am not able to kick start the vehicle, but rather with the autostart only. I am only able to kick start after sweating for 10 to 15 minutes only. I faced this even once when I visited the Center, but the mechanic said that it is due to air, not able to start through kick start, but rather when I took the vehicle for a ride on Sunday i.e., on 6/10/2013 to have the vehicle pooja and attend a function, I could only use the autostart rather the kick start and there was some oil leakage from the front left suspension of the front wheel. It is consuming petrol very very much. It took 2.5 liters of petrol for just 30 km of ride.

Having a great problem when coming to neutral when I stop the vehicle. I could come to neutral only when I move the vehicle either front or back and then come to neutral.
Regarding the gears, it is not having smooth clicks, but rather two clicks to come to any gear, either 2, 3, and 4.

At the same time, I was asked to have a visit only within 30 days of purchase for the first service, but the booklet says to have the first service for 500-750 km or 365 days from the date of purchase whichever is earlier.

I do not think that the dealer is misguiding me regarding this aspect.

I have given my views of what I have faced myself and to let you know where I stand with this Beautiful vehicle and the dealers with which Mahindra is dealing with.

L. Siva Rama Krishna

sidhu said...

best thing you put in th service feedback page is that there is no negative ranking !!!!!thats what you people deserves.
I did only one mistake i bought a mahindra vehicle. I was a mahindra customer for the last 18 years .so i again go for it. My first vehicle was commander,now bolero.
I feel your design team was much degraded to such a lower quality by designing a vehicle with such a huge mistakes????

can you point out any other vehicle from india where the entire clutch assembly is to be replaced after a 40000km,dont you ashamed of such a design.?? The clutch disc is ok ,why assembly?? is it for your benefit from spares??? .I think you people are pretty good in reliabilty.but this calculations will give you a negative effect in your near future.

Dont you designers think about the importance of after sales service and its impact on a customer.????
think about maruti ,what make them india`s no:1.(may be its not the only thing ,but it plays a crucial role)
i bet with this service mahindra will never become atleast nearer to that.

I had given my bolero special edition in tvs kottayam(authorised mahindra service centre) to correct a complaint related to centre I had gone there thrice to get it corrected and i spend my 2 days each time ,till now its not corrected .now you people,who designed this should tell where to go to get it corrected???

I hope i havent gone to a bloody third class workshop to get it i??????

for your information ,
Sidharth K R(iitm)

Prem Verma said...

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

How are you?

This mail is regarding the one Key lost of Mahindra XYLO Vehicle. My relatives had purchased a precious vehicle XYLO from Mahindra dealership and he is very happy with his Vehicle as feedback given but unfortunately we lost one Key after some days of purchasing.
We went to dealership for duplicate Key but according to dealer we have to spend 6000 Rs. to 7000 Rs. for duplicate key which is very Costly.

As I am working in Mahindra vehicle manufacturing limited Chakan as an Asst. Manager (Manufacturing Quality Assurance) they came to me for help.

Can we help our one of the good customer.

Details of the Vehicle:
Vehicle Model : XYLO
Chassis No. : C2B25636
Key No : 1000012002121640
Customer Name: Ravinder Kumar Verma
Address: 12/54 Khai Dora Aligarh

Dealer Name: Vineet Automobiles Pvt. Limited
Delhi Road, Aligarh 202001

Kindly contact to me in this regards. Our Customer is Looking for help *:) happy from us as Mahindra Family

All of our Customers are Partners in our Mission to achieve THE MAHINDRA WAY with three rise pillars.

With Regards;
Prem Verma
Mahindra Token No: 23082146
Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturing Limited
Mobile No: +91-7387700497

Unknown said...

I have committed a blunder in my life by going in for a Bolero vehicle, Chassis No.E5C60348 (Regn.No.TN70M1415). It is a tinder box on four wheels. From day one the engine is raising separately and their service centre SKS Automobile Hosur even could not diagnose the problem. the door glasses are rattling. the head light has become black and the vehicle cannot be driven in night. One Mr. Saravanan visited me and collected Rs.7300.00 by promising that the vehicle will be covered from BUMPER TO BUMPER except rubber and plastic parts. Perhaps Mr. Saravanan was in a collection spree and he could not be contacted subsequently on the number he has given. He either do not attend the telephone or just disconnect the line with the result I am paying for everything. My sincere advise to my country men please do not even step into Mahindra & Mahindra show room even to protect yourself when it is raining.

anishkuriakose said...

I have purchased an mahindra genio about three years back, till this day the vehicle has run 26380 km's only. Most of the times the mahindra genio truck goes breakdown on middle of trips, we are totally dissatisfied of this mahindra genio. That our all free services were done at ITL, kakkavayal , Wayanad district, Kerala and they are not fit for this job. if you have any ways in getting the history of our mahindra genio please collect and find how miserable was our experience. TN43Z 8838 Owned by A.M. Kuriakose. 09496623458

Unknown said...

Glad to say that we have purchased Mahindra TUV 300...It is go gorgeous and good looking car ... It can be purchased by all people coz of its affordable prices...It has all advanced features and its amazing... The hospitality of SKS Automobiles is simply superb and amazing ... The day was so pleasure and surprised.. finally Mahindra TUV 300 reallyy superbbbb..

Unknown said...

i have mahindra quanto ..i hve some rats in my car and i a m not able to remove them and i belive they are in a/c or dash board ..plz suggest me some remidies

Immy said...

Mahindra Genio Vehicle was the Costliest vehicle i have ever seen. We are the Regular customer of Mahindra vehicles. but this vehicle changes our thought.
unsatisfied customer.

Unknown said...

am a proud owner of XUV S8 I bought this chetah on 2nd Nov 2013 I think that this was my right decision to buy this Xuv.It is running without troubling.
Yesterdy i had gone for the service in Mahindera showroom in Kachiary Kangra HP.I meat their with a new service manager Miss Monica Rana.She is very energetic,hardworker and polite and was personally checking the work done. Thanks to her and wish her success in life
Thanks to Mahindera for such a good employes

Unknown said...

I purchased a mahindra Logan MP09-cc-3009, the card didn't ran for not even 10000km and the problem arose upon contacting with local dealer Patwa Automibles they answered that there is some problem in engine and gave an estimate of approx.18000/-, I gave them consent to do the necessary but they didn't completed the car till 5 months,in between the company personal called up but upon checking the car was not completely ok, after 5 months they called up and said the estimate would be around 45000/-, I felt cheated but I had no option as neither the parts of Logan car are available in local market and nor any mechanic is able to repair it, so I had to accept the estimate, but now after still 2 months the car is not ok and the center is telling it would take another 15-20 days and estimate would be around 52000/-...
you recommend me what to do...I even asked the management to give the car in resale and exchange with any other car but they says that this is a fail model and there is no demand for this.
please I am now really annoyed...Achal Yadav, Indore

Unknown said...


Unfortunately, I've purchased a new product from Mahindra, i.e. TUV 300.

During first 20 days of ownership and my car has broken down thrice. And the fourth time within 2 months. Whenever you call customer service there is a standard response that it needs to be towed to nearest service center as we are not equipped to deal with this. I hated the idea of my 2 days old car to be towed away.
The car spent one full day to get back. Issue - there was air bubble in fuel equipment. Highly frustrated.
I did not use the car for 2 weeks as I was away and when I came back had to take it to Ludhiana. All ready to leave for our destination at 2am along with my family and car refused to start again. It is a terrible feeling being stranded on the road with your family. Roadside assistance guys said battery got discharged and now, it has been jump started so do not shut it before 45 mins. Somehow we reached Ludhiana fearing the issue back of our head hence did not stop in between. Moment we reached Ludhiana and switched the engine off, it refused start again. Once again, roadside assistance guy came and asked the vehicle to be towed to SS. You can imagine my plight when I was driving whole night and just when I wanted to sleep for few hours before attending a function, I was forced to spend my entire day at the DADA Mahindra motors in Ludhiana.
On examining, I was told there is a energy saver fuse/part attached with alternator/battery and it has stopped working, hence this issue. I asked to change but it was not available. How much time it will take and they manager replied atleast 15 days. I asked what is the next step, was told will remove it till you get it from Delhi. ....... What a wonderful experiencing owning a new car.....!
Fourth time it happened when I got stuck with my family in Ghaziabad on my first holiday tour embarrassing me further. And, this is the result post getting it serviced a week before the trip.

Other issues -
- Extremely hard clutch so much so that my leg starts paining badly
- ESS stops working in between
- Moment you switch-on ECO mode, car freezes, clutch becomes even harder, accelerator needs to be pressed more..........pathetic experience
- Gear lever shudders
- Gears get stuck
- Driver side window vibrates

Peace of mind of buying a new car is gone and it is replaced by fear that there is always a possibility of getting stuck anywhere.
Only good experience, is the willingness to help of staff at Bhasin Motors, Mathura Road, Delhi, Dada Motors, Ludhiana and Shiva Motors, Ghaziabad however watching your new car subjecting you to this torture is uncalled for......
For me reliability of Mahindra experience is a big Zero.

Met Mr.Dheeraj post coming back from holiday in January and we were told if not vehicle cannot be replaced atleast there will be extended warranty along with RSA provided till 5 yrs. However, there has been no response since then.


Anonymous said...

Car model XUV 500 W8 ,CAR NO:AP 29 BV 5344,
The above mentioned car had been sent to uppal mahindra service centre 2 months ago
which had met with an accident,Despite insurance approval mahindra team has been delaying
so much to renovate and deliver car, I am exhausted of making calls and rounds to the work shop repeatedly I had been told like it will take 10 days or 15 days they seem to be neglecting and making kind of excuse when ever they are approached. I consider this is very bad response and poor service. After all when my car will be delivered who will give me correct response.


Anonymous said...

Sir, I bought a XUV 500 W6 mode on June2015 from Santosh Auto Wings Bijapur, my complaint is when whecal is running suddenly jerking huge and automatically vehical stoped, this type of complaint, made in Sireesh auto pvt ltd bangalore on 12th June 2016, they said solve the problem, then we take deliver from them, on 14th May 2016 we leve to tirupati from bangalore vehical run near 15 km and started suddenly vehical jerking much time then further we complaint to sireesh auto pvt ltd bangalore, and they pick-up the vehical taken their custody and told me we solve the problem and call back, they deliver me vehical on 18th May 2016. Further we started our Journey towards Gulbarga from morning 8.30 am the vehical is good running but when we cross the Ananthpuram city hardly 25 km and vehical started jerking far way and we stop the vehical and call back to customer care and they told me your vehical pick-up by the MGB Mobile service centre at Anantpuram at Andhra Pradesh, but till today they could not find out the problem for what purpose the vehical Jerking? and Sound comming in the Engine? I think they could not find out the problem and resolveing the problem so I decided to go consumer court and asking for replace the vehical and deliver the new vehical me that is all.........

Unknown said...

Sir Thanks for help .mahindra thanks a lot. My mahindra xylo fuel pump replace warenty priod . Thanks Mahindra .& M.J motors ,duliajan .assam . M J motors every employe Thanks this problem slove . And agen thanks Mahindra & Mahindra .

Unknown said...

I bought a KUV100 K2 petrol Variant. I have bought the car May-19-2017 from Srieesh Auto Bangalore and been using the car since then. As far car design is really good and good control/pick-up.
My car, getting out-side foul smell while AC is on and has rattling noise heard from inside at low speed, which is bad. At high speeds, the car goes smooth. The major problem is mileage where as I am getting only 10 km/ltr, which was informed to the dealer and it was told to me after 1st service it will get rectified. I travel nearly 50-55km every day. I bought this car seeing all reviews on multiple web sites, and took a decision thinking Mahindra had taken a bold decision to trust Indian Engineers and also can resolve these issues. As many customer has complained of mileage issues, and some customers also said it got rectified, keeping that I decided to go for kuv100 k2. While giving for 1st service it was intimated to service centre of Srieesh auto Marthahalli Bangalore, about mileage, foul smell entering in and few other problems too and they said they require the car to be left for 2 day to rectify all issues. But in 2 days I had to spend nearly Rs.2000 for commuting by ola/uber taxies. But I was in the impression that all problems gets rectified, but it was in wain. But after 1st service, mileage has not changed, it remained with 10km/ltr on city, I had followed all instructions of driving as they had said, as this is not my 1st car and I have been driving the cars past 25 years, earlier I had Maruti Alto and it was 8 year old vehicle and I was getting 17km/ltr as an average full tank to full tank. But whereas other Alto car owners and service centres was claiming you cannot get more then 14-15km/ltr. I am telling Mahindra to know that I knew how drive. Foul smell they said they need to remove dash board but, even that was not rectified. And there are other problems which are also not rectified. The problem in the car can be rectified if Mahindra has given proper training to its service engineers and proper quality assurance people in the plant, i know this is totally irresponsibility of quality personal who have not checked the car before it is out from plant. Quality is not just 6sixma or any certificate quality courses pass out, it need to come from heart to see that we Indians are not making fools of our own brothers/ sisters.
Nevertheless, the car looks good, the drive is also good. The gear shift is also very smooth and useful. But that is it. The windscreen also takes a lot of glare in the night which makes the driving at late hours uncomfortable. Headlights are also not focused well. I will recommend this car provided Mahindra puts a proper quality output and speedy action for rectifying the issues, by giving proper training and responsible.