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Anonymous said...

I have a Toyota Altis, the self(Ignition) has given way. The local dealer Globe Toyota(Ambala) is unable to help as it is not serviceable, new one is not available with the authorized dealer.

Have paid advance for getting it from Japan/ Pune,

the most painful experience about this is that my vehicle is stranded since 4 days for want of spare.
What kind of network Toyota boasts of? Pity !!!
If your car breaks down on the Highway, imagine your luck in hands of Toyota.

Anil Kumar

gagan dhaliwal said...

Toyota is damn care about the vehicle sold
They just want sales to be promoted
Because the work done on vehicle sold is very very unsatisfactory

Anonymous said...

My name is Dr jaygopal parekh I owned fortuner since six month havin r c no gj 1 rb 0170 now adays it was admitted to infinium toyota ahmedabad service station for accidental job can I ask u ? A question that small dog smash can how much damage to this look like giant ? This is very amaging hunh na? My idea was great about my car but after this event change I thaught even a dog can make me burst then if I struked with any vehicle what I get? So poor body built of it I m surprised that bumper part of any car is first safty it breaks only a little dog struk though we except a dent but break is very sameful to company .please dont foolish people . Now my ideas are also changed if u want to die buy toyota fortuner it cant stop n even cant strong big name only .it coast 25 lacs and above so coastly but poor steel n plastik coffin even a dog can make us breathless so kindly read it and clarify it .regards toyota 's former fane

Vivek Shankar Verma said...

I'm an owner of 2010 Corolla Altis. Recently I sen5 my car for service and came to know that I need to replace the brake linings and front shock absorbers. My car has done 25k kms only, very well maintained and driven with care. Have owned Maruti and GM cars in the past and find Toyota the worst on Quality. Time for the company to work on its Quality systems in India review

Anonymous said...

I want to buy a toyota tacoma or hilux so can you tell me that is it possible to buy one of them in India.....? Let me know more abour details like prices etc.
Vijendra Shekhawat
Jaipur India

Anonymous said...

Toyota only wants to earn money. I bought new toyota etios 3months back but no use. Every different car companies are providing two keys and two remotes Toyota is the only company providing two keys but one remote. These people only prefer cost cutting by poor services, no customer satisfaction. Is this Toyota policy? This is how they treat their customer? Charging Rs 5500 for another remote rather than giving it free..

Anonymous said...

Bought New Toyota Liva from Shree toyota Jammu the Best Part of Customer care is that their Director does not brother to Pick the phone for listening to end users.Appreciate to the selection criteria of Toyota who has set management guidelines to lines to Industry,making money is simple but sustain in market is difficult.

jay ganguli said...

Very bad and poor service in toplink Toyota dealer service provided in Ranchi

neeraj kumar said...

Sir we Innova Toyota car you purchase from the company, which was one of the 13 janvary 2013 Toyota company we had in the car was billed Huvi R. C were deposited in cash Liken liya 1 lakh 20 hajir Rupijh yet our R. C nahi mile Kirpa yet do you find something you'd Kirpa
   Balbir name. vashishts car No. HR -99 - Q T -6813
   Phone Number +91-9050100078
  Toyota show room Samalkha (Panipat) Haryana

sasi said...

Sashikumar from tamil nadu bought etuos liva very bad motherfucking experience still...low mileage of 13.3kmpl in highway with 80speed.. very poor quality of door and plastics... still now no response took car on april 13... full nose on door pads and dashboard onli 20k km running.. not providing higher ppl number and not paying attention to customers... have fortuner 13 august met accident on bike but those assholes billed 5lakh for minor accident of bike hitted to car and whole chasis git bend see how the quality of toyota is really we need to go consumer court. Ph:09600330332

Gopalan said...

We have booked for Etios Cross G.(petrol ) with your dealer M/s Harsha Automobiles, Alandur, Chennai in Tamilnadu on 24.05.2014, ( our booking No. ORD140000541) with a payment of Rs.10000/-, requesting for arranging to deliver the vehicle in the 3rd week of June 2014, for which the dealer said OK. On 13th June 2014 we have again paid Rs. 500000/- by way of two drafts( for Rs.2.00 & Rs.3.00 lakhs each). We have requested them for delivering the vehicle on 30th June2014 in continuation of our request at the time of initial advance payment for delivery of the vehicle. We intended to take delivery on 30th June as the person for whom the vehicle booked , was to leave for abroad for 5 months period on 9th July 2014. the delaer was not able to give us any information on delivering the vehicle as requested. Ultimately we are forced to call for return of amount that we paid as we are not in a position to take delivery of the vehicle on the date (ie 16th July,14) as informed by the delaer on our follow up. We gave letter for return of amount on 04th July2014 and we are yet to get back the amount from the Dealer evenafter a weeks time. Somehow the response from the staff in the showroom is very disappointing. They are not bothered to give any information on anything. When we call them they are unable to give correct information. No timebound action by them. It is really very pathetic. You may please look into these aspects to set right the things. The dealer has already enjoyed our money for almost 1 month and they take still more time to return our amount. This is not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Good Day Sir/ Madam,
I would like to come straight to the point wherein I was very disappointed towards the service provided by Toyota Sharayu during my 30,000kms or 3 yrs on 25/04/2015 at about 5:00pm. I was doomed when I heard from the Advisor Suraj Palyekar affirming that I have to keep my Toyota Liva car GA 06 D 8601 to rectify the problem in my car with regards to coolant needs to be checked.
On 25/04/2015 at about 9:05am I arrived at met Advisor Palyekar, wherein I informed him about the problems in my car as follows
1. Tyre’s to be rotated and wheel alignment if possible. He told me alignment not required only rotation will be done with wheel balance- how can he say alignment not required as customer requested that made me upset.
2. Next, I informed him about the coolant which was getting drained earlier and I had to replenish with almost 3 bottles
(3 liters) of coolant and the vehicle was showed in showroom during month of late Jan or early Feb. which was told to me that they replenish the coolant and if problem exist to bring it in showroom or during annual inspection or service to which I acknowledged.
3. Today during the service above Advisor told me in morning that if coolant have to check then it will take time and the car will deliver in late afternoon to which I acknowledged and asked him what time it will get delivered to which he confirmed from his supervisor and time was given at about 17:30hrs. Thereby I asked him if I can take the car in evening to which he acknowledged and stated that, to check the coolant it will take some time and by evening the car will be delivered.
4. At about 5:00pm I called Toyota Showroom and spoke to Advisor Palyekar wherein he informed me that, your car is still under inspection, I asked him what time should I come and collect he told me that your coolant is checked only externally and there was no problem I asked him why it was not checked internally to which he stated that, I have to keep the vehicle in showroom to check internally. At that point I was very disappointed as he promised in morning that your car will be thoroughly checked and delivered in morning.
5. I do understand that there are many cars come daily for service.
6. My point is why the appointment was fixed and they knew there was problem in car coolant and why they told me that it will take whole day to rectify the coolant problem otherwise my normal service time to deliver was 11:00am.
7. My car warranty is getting over 26/04/2015 (3 yrs) I asked Mr. Amey Bicholkar to which he affirmed that, I have to keep the vehicle if any parts broken in order to claimed the warranty. I asked him if I have to keep the vehicle and next day is Sunday that means no work what sense does it make I told him that I get the vehicle on Monday to complete the task to which he stated no.
8. Now my point is whose mistake it is when I came with the vehicle in morning to service and the advisor told me to keep the vehicle until evening to rectify the problem and the problem was not rectified. In simple words to rectify the coolant problem does it takes two days???????? This is ridiculous and I remembered advisor told me during job card in morning if warranty gets over/void I have to pay from my pocket
9. So this company wants to eat people’s money instead providing good service and thanks to god I had not extended the car warranty.
10. One more point to be noted is its mentioned on invoice that customer requested for the vehicle- yes I did requested as in morning the advisor told me that the car problem (coolant) will be rectified and deliver in evening and why they did not informed me in morning to rectify the coolant problem its will take days and the vehicle will be kept in showroom. I took the vehicle from showroom as there is no point and sense in keeping in showroom as SUNDAY is holiday and I requested Mr. Bicholkar I’ll bring the vehicle on Monday morning.
11. Future no more Toyota Car and would express suggest to other Toyota vehicle owners
Thanking You,

Luis Glaston

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that we had taken a second hand Toyota Etios car from Puzhakkal Branch, Thrissur (Kerala). But, they cheated us by saying accident-free car
and later when we approached them for service and maintenance because of it's continuous malfunction. They denied our right by saying this vehicle had two accidents earlier. By mistake, they told us this truth.
Therefore, We kindly request you to take appropriate action or lest we will approach judiciary and huge social media support for this kind of cheating from a company we trusted the most. Etios Regd No: KL-08 AY 9277.
We are expecting your valuable feedback ASAP.

Yours faithfully,
Cherukattil (H),
Kizhoor (P.O),
Kunnamkulam (Via),
Thrissur (Dist.)
Kerala - 680523.

Mob: 9745699099
Landline : 04885 224852
E-mail :,