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ankur arora said...

usha service very good [I USE THIS]

Prince Varshney said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is to bring to your notice that I had purchased an Air Cooler from Spencers Gurgaon on 23.05.2012. Since that day I have been facing a lot of Electrical/Functional problems with the cooler. The cooler has been serviced almost once a week for three subsequent months after purchase and also since April 2013 three complaints have been lodged and even the main motor has also undergone replacement.

A total of Eleven (11) service requests have been lodged. The Compliant Nos. are as follows:

1. C12052600384

2. C12060101246

3. C12060101267

4. C12060101278

5. C12060201848

6. C12060401016

7. C12061600968

8. C12072800138

9. C13050901317

10. C13051300307

11. C13052202638

As it is very clear that the cooler is a defective model with serious manufacturing glitches and even the service personnel are non co-operative and have refused to file for a replacement in the company. The regular servicing of the appliance has caused me a lot of trouble and the whole purpose of buying an Air Cooler has been defeated as it has been in a non-operational state for most of the summer season.

In light of the above I would request the company to replace the faulty device immediately, failing which I would be compelled to approach the Consumer Court for further action.

Thanking You,

Prince Varshney.

kashif said...

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