Sukam Inverter customer care toll free number

1800 102 4423


Saurabh said...

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charles mical said...

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Anonymous said...

Then Mr. Thomas said that he would again take the inverter away as a man from Sukam would come and look at it and fix it.

Mr. Thomas took my inverter away on Sunday dated July 10th, 2016. On Monday I called him many times, mostly he did not pick up the phone. But when the phone was picked up, it was by one of his men, Mr. Kuttu. Mr. Thomas refused to come on the line.

His man he kept saying that the man from Sukam had not yet come. This happened till Thursday. On Thursday, he told me that the man from Sukam had gone out of town and would only be back on Monday.

Now, I had lost all trust in Mr. Thomas and told him to give me my inverter back immediately. He said he would come by 3–30 PM – as was the usual case. But as usual, he never came.

At 4 PM, I spoke to his man and he told me he did not have the time to come and return my inverter. I told him this was case of fraud and cheating and I would make a police complaint. His man said go ahead and do so.

After this, I went online and called the Sukam toll free number and asked an agent to let me speak to a supervisor. Mr. Akash came on the line and when I told him the issue, he very rudely told me that he will not take my complaint. I told him that I would report him to his manager, he said to go ahead and do so.

After some time, Mr. Thomas' man, brought back my inverter – drenched in water – now my inverter is surely totally damaged – as it was full of water – I have taken photos of the same.

I do not even know now, how many parts Mr. Thomas must have removed from my inverter.

What do I do with my inverter now?

I have lost money on and expensive inverter that I had purchased from Sukam, because of Mr. Thomas.

Mr. Thomas is a Sukam dealer from Virar Vasai Nallasopara region. He can be reached on the following phone numbers :
9890710982 and 8149229740.

I am confident that Sukam will look into this issue and resolve my issue.

Awaiting your kind response.

Thank you and regards.

Unknown said...

Sukam is one asshole company who forget his customer after sales. .never seen such a pathetic company in my whole life ..They are refusing to provide service just because when there executive was using old part to repair my inventor. .They are saying it's there policy to use old part or repaired part for service. After that I at least raised 5 to complain. .They kept on closing it without providing service