helpline number

1800-266-4322 or +91-22-42936801/02 
(Mon to Sat 8 AM to 10 PM)


Anonymous said...

My order acer P166HQL 15.6 INCH MONITOR
ORDR-ID 1697456278
TRACKING NO. 50252212973

Anonymous said...

my order of netgear 150 mbps n150 wireless router received vide order no. 3431183550 and sub order no.4636683019 through invoice no.S73C8E/14-15/391 dated 03 Nov 14 found to be defective. As such same may please be replaced by dlink dsl 2730U wireless n150 adsl2, 4 port router. Ready to pay extra, if necessary. Thanks

Anonymous said...

this site is worst site i ever seen. i purchases 2 dresses in sale with order id 4808849497 and 4807914328 they create issues with both the dresses they cancelled the first product after paking (as seeen in status) and with the second dress they deliver me wrong size product so that i return it. guys plz if you don't have capacity to sell dress in discount plz don't make fool to your custmers and don't waste there tym.i know you will send me a reply in behalf of this msg that we apolosized ...shame on you snapdeal if you do't deliver me the above product as soon as possible... and the second issue your free customer care number is note free...soo you are totally fakeeeeeee...

Deip Ranjan said...


Unknown said...

I will boked a Item, Order No- Your Order No. : 5542250009, But untill I am not received my Item, In my order status I will show the Order was Canceled, the Same Product value will be increase than before ... What is this, is your Business Statigy ....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snapdeal Is a Cheater Company, is a Fraud Company , Dont Bye anything from Snapdeal ...

Anonymous said...

really this snapdeal is cheater fraud company yar......... never buy anything from snapdeal ......... they show somthing else and diliver something else............ shit........

Sai said...

Hi All,

This is informing to you, I have purchased mobile [Maize m2 4G 16 GB] from snapdeal and received it on 28-Feb-16 that mobile faulty product. I registered complaint on 29-feb-2016 and I have been calling every day snapdeal customer care. They were telling same story mobile collect one of the courier person but nobody called me and I give alternate numbers no use.

I got message from snapdeal customer care and courier person detail. He didn’t called me and I called many times but he told me his friend will call.

No one called me.

Reversed Package code:CRP62960875
Courier Tracking number: SND1685512

I will expect refund my amount.


ratan said...

I place a order for Crompton Greaves Mystique Tac 201 air cooler on 26th april 2016 vide order no 12994170299 but so far there is no any response from Snapdeal person.There are any contact no on which we can contact the person about the delivery of the goods.ONLY ON THE NET THEY ARE SHOWING WAITING FOR THE COURIER PERSON for delivery.These comments are there from 27th april onwards till now i.e.,1.35 pm (30th april 2016).There is no any number on the net on which we can directly talk to the respective person.Now I AM DOUBTFUL about my order.
If the SNAPDEAL people will play like this than we have to think 10 times before placing the order.It is my request to the concern authority if they are going through my complain,please do the needful so that in future we can trust SNAPDEAL.
Hope for the positive reply
Ratan Graphics

Anonymous said...

Dear Ratan,

Thanks for bringing your issue to us. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and our representative will get in touch with you regarding this.

Team Snapdeal

syed omer said...

HI Snapdeal team,

I need response why my order showing close, what happen the product is not in stock or why its showing like these.

these is my order number : Order ID: 13202574736

Unknown said...

My Last order was Carlton London Black Boots.
Order ID-13558890966
the Currier boy of snapdeal's Currier partner misbehaved with the family member at home,so i want to cancel my order& in future also I don't want any shopping with snapdeal.
It was a prepaid order & the delivery boy was insisting to collect the package from their office location or he may receive it by himself by doing our signature & we will not be able to claim it back.
Is it the way you have trained to your currier partners.

Its a massage to all the Snapdeal customers, please be carefull in future.

Nitesh Srivastava

akki said...

Hello Snap Deal,

I had refund product i.e.,Everything Imported Black Mp 10 Spy Pens Portable With Hd Camera and payment was also received in my sd cash account and now i want to use this sd cash of Rs.688.00 for purchasing some other product but my sd cash showing Rs.0 and showing expired , how? Whereas no any information about my sd cash expire this time limit.
I request you to plz return my sd cash of Rs.688.00 or i m going to consumer court.


Mariya said...

Order Id: 15722437050
Ticket Id: 31850992

Disappointed with the delivery of a defective product by Snapdeal:
Hi, I received a defective product, requested for a replacement, Snapdeal has picked up the product promptly, but after a week they had sent back the same product to me with a note that "Quality check didn't pass". Now, I'm ended up with a defective product. I didn't expect this from Snapdeal and this is my first most disappointing experience with Snapdeal. Now, I'm unable to reach out to Customer Support as this respective order date is more than 2 weeks now.

Unknown said...

Order Id:15386537730

Hi There,

This is informing to you, I have purchased (Maxed MX-8002 Beard Trimmer ( Blue )from snapdeal and received a defective Product (Maxed MX-8002 Beard Trimmer ( Blue )), It's colour is not same as my order color.

Mahendra Yadav