Msi motherboards, Msi Graphics Card, Msi Note book phone number

Msi motherboards, Msi Graphics Card, 
Msi Note book phone number 

Toll Free Number 1800-103-6262


Unknown said...

I had purchased a 760-GM p-21 motherboard last year, and now my computer would restart ever 5-10 mmins on its own, therefore i gave the mother board, which is in its warranty period, at your service centre at grant road station (mumbai).
i was told it would be given back to me in a weeks time, however after repeatedly calling them up, i had to wait for a month ! they told me the delay was because a replacement piece was being sent from delhi. however i did not get any new replacement, i was given ANOTHER OLD AND USED model, which when i took home, found out not to be compatible with my processor.
And now when i asked for my old model motherboard, they have taken the replaced one, and since 2 weeks they are not giving me any motherboard !

Anonymous said...

Service center are people are useless and don't know how to talk to customer they how to fool customer you better visit this center and take there happiness n going to do the same. They did same thing bullshit smartlink device center you guys are useless. MSI need to learn find some good service center this one is useless. Msi customer Mohit.