customer support number
For Pre-sales queries only
 Toll Free: 1800-258-0258
(10 am to 5 pm)
Phone: 080-42400333


Pavan Sengar said... is ford company in india

Do not buy the webspace/domain name of company.
Hello Friends,
Do not buy the webspace/domain name of company.
manashosting company is blackmail his client. I am one of those customers.

Without any notice manashosting block/suspend your web control panel.

Sathya Narayanan.P.S said...

Dear Friends,

Please do not buy any product from manashosting. This company really sucks. They keep call you and give all fancy offers till you pay money to them and after that they dont even care about you. They dont give service and literally make you cry. Their hosting is the worst ever i have seen. I made payment for domain name renewal charges before domain expiry and still after 2 months my domain name was not renewed. Now they have sold my domain name to someone else for extra amount. I have all the proof for it. I am wrong, Manashosting can file case against me.

Anonymous said...

Toll Free: 1800-258-0258
Phone: 080-42400333
Both the numbers are not working as on 2 Jan 2015. Toll Free Numbers goes to VoiceMail box and other number is not in service

Alice Roberts said...

Such dirty girls over call they keep and blackmailing for more and more money using abusive language..pls pls pls help close this blackmailing now ..since they have been playing with ppls money ..such sites should be sacked.. Will log a cyber complaint against such fraud companies

Raj Kumar said...

I was very satisfied with Manashosting.
Support: So far, I have not seen such a great customer support.
People on live support were very helpful even though I'm a beginner,
and they gave me basic advice on what I should accomplish even
when I decided to change host (reasons later).Uptime and speed:
I did not notice any issue with this aspect of hosting.
My website isn't a behemoth, though, so I can't testify so much on that part.
Value: As a renewing customer, I was a bit disappointed by
the price they offered me for a 3 years hosting.
I was seeing better offers elsewhere so I decided to leave.
The customer support did try to find a way to keep me, but it was not enough.

arifbasha said...

Manashosting is a good company where they will support us in any time. What ever the problem may be they request us and solve the problem very soon. Its one the good hosting company giving us the good support and friendly customer services. There service are fast and good.. We are proud to be the customers of manashosting company as mainly its an Indian company and its services All my friends are the customers of manas hosting and even they are not facing any problem.. Even all my friends are happy with a domain in manashosting as giving good support with less price. May suggestion is that you can go for manashosting.. Manas hosting is helping all the people to host the website by its less price. All the best to manashosting to improve more and to give good services.
And finally, their will be no second taught of going to other hosting prefer manas hosting and go for manashosting.

Anonymous said...

Bas**** search on net. Manashosting cheat before commnet . self experience they are cheater . they destroyed our business by taking our domain . manashosting best cheater and thief .

SaM said...

This is a fraud Company. Please Please don't go for this Company.
They will allure you with lucrative offers and less cost but after few months they will block your Website and demand money from you to unblock it.

I wonder how a company can afford to do this in the present times when we have so stringent Consumer Laws and Cyber Laws