Sleepwell mattress helpline support number

Sleepwell mattress
Helpline: + 91 120 4162266
Toll Free: 1 800 103 666 4
Toll Free: 1 800 11 22 66


Unknown said...

Incorrect sleeping position cause many problem, people who have been from their old mattress, don't worry springwel provides sleepwell mattress using new technique for people at best cost.

John Marissa said...

The water conditioner chosen to treat the water in a water bed mattress should be a multipurpose product. It is important that the product that you purchase is from a trustworthy water bed mattress dealership and is a quality product. It is recommended that 8 ounces of this product should be added to the mattress every 18 months.

Anonymous said...

Customer support is very poor, I purchased sleep well mattresses in October 2015 from Mohan Nagar distributer.Mattress purchased bubbled I called customer care numbers of sheela foam multiple times hardly anybody pick the phone, after calling almost a week somebody pick the phone and registered by compliant and was given compliant no-42724,I was told person will visit the check the defects have registered the compliant on 5th January,16 but nobody turnup till date. I have sent an email also at customer care of sheelafoam but no response.I think such a big name have no customer support and they don't care about warranty

Mrudula Vemulapati said...

very poor response from customer support number,I purchased matress in 2016 Sept and have been trying to reach customer care to lodge a complain, there is no response, finally last month they spoke to me and sent executive to check the matress. He confirmed that there is fault and promised to replace in 10 days time. now I have been trying to reach customer care with out any luck.
customer care pls call me back if you care about your reputation