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Anonymous said...

macam mana nak tahu samsung galaxy tab original?

Anonymous said...

I have just purchased a new Note 5 two days ago, was having problems migrating the whatapps data to new phone. Today 1pm (16/12/15) i have called Mutiara Damansara Service Center for help, they guy who picked up my phone (didnt get his name) told me Samsung service center doesn't provide this type of service to customer, i ask if he can please refer me to another person who can help me, he then put me on hold for a very long time, and never picked up my call anymore

Samsung, please look into this problems


muhamad rusdi abd rahman said...

i like to Thanks Mr Max and Staff at Samsung Servis center in Low Yat Plazza. They have done a good job, Keep it up. I proud of you all. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I recently having a problem on my samsung galaxy corw prime, i cant even open my google account even opening google was stated " This could be temporary problem or your Android device may not be provisioned for data services if it continues, call Customer Care.. please i need your generous response for this issue..thank u and more power

नेपाली केटो said...

Safe mode if cant move how to possible to move mobile is samsung j5

Kannan Narayanan said...

Dears, i already use my note 5 past 7 months. Excellent device but last week i recover the thumb print surface coating start to peel off. Looks abit ugly. Any possiblity i can replace the surface glass/coating n how much will be the cost. Or can claim warranty ? Please advise

Lali Colombo said...

#samsung j3 is vulnerable to moisture if not kept in dehumidifiers.

On 13-7-2017 when i gave to service center at low yat -Only problem j3 had was NOT RESPONDING TO TOUCH SCREEN SINCE MAY 2017 BOUGHT few months ago warranty running till march 2018.

At the service center first said wait for 30 min we will re install software and give you back it will 10 mins later tells me keep it by tomorrow we give you back so i went out leaving behind j3.On the way i am called up to say liquid damage(what liquid how did it got in???) is inside hence no warranty pay Rm 550 or so .Hoo !!!fine way of avoiding responsibility.

J3 never fell into water nor exposed to direct water contact.i have used many phones since 1995 including samsung my current other phone is samsung i did not face such problem. This j3 is a typical manufacturing defect .allowing moisture from outside humid air of Malaysia to get in. That is not my responsibility t keep phone in water proof polythene gab during high humidity.. It is the responsibility of Samsung to inform #Samsung j3 is vulnerable to moisture if not kept in dehumidifiers. Nor has Samsung mentioned must not use during rain or high humidity time in Malaysia in Malaysia.
Samsung is avoiding responsibility not doubt.

Please fix this J3 if not i will be compelled to report to consumer protection agencies worldwide and place this real life experience in all reviews etc
Cost to Samsung will be much more than rm 550 rgds. Please fix FOC. THANK YOU