When your System Power on but No Dispaly

Many of the people facing this issues. System Power on ok but No Dispaly.

Here you have observe somethings in system 

1. Check VGA Cable input ok or not and also monitor Power Cable.

2. Check Keyboard Numlock power on or not if it is ok there is problem in monitor vga or monitor or cable connectivity.

3. In some cases you didn't seen num lock power on power off there is a problem in your CPU

4. There is a lot of issues for no display.

5. Motherboard issues, SMPS Power Cables or Hard Disk Issues, Ram Issues.

6. First we will discuss from Rams check Ram sitting position ok or not 

7. Make sure system power off and try when you while switch on cpu running it may cause or create new problems.

8. Sitting position ok try to power on and check some times it comes, if it is not come turnoff CPU and remove the RAM and try sit any ram slot and make sure see the ram condition it is filled with dust or clean the dust and sit the RAM another slot. Maximum your problem will solved.

9. Still facing the problem insert new RAM. If the same problem Turnoff CPU and remove CMOS Battery and remove RAM turn on CPU and run 1 minitue and turn off and put ram and CMos battery again Turn on.

10. if you still facing the problem its may be motherboard Issue.

11. the above settings for works for some system only like G31, G41, H55, H61, boards for newer you need to check same process but little bit issues you will find in the first instance.

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