When your System Power on but No Dispaly 2

This is our second discussion about "NO Display" in first instance we discussed about RAM issues.

1. In RAM issues particularly in DDR3 we faced some interesting issues.

2. When the system has no display we changed the RAM after changing the RAM we got display later again inserted old RAM we got display again with old RAM.

3. Next we look into SMPS issues. Here simple techniques ask the customer whether he changed the power cables for system power on. if the power is not coming check with your power cable and test with your smps you will get  display if you didn't got or CPU not turned on there is a board issue.

4. Sometimes system power on but no display. If you observe that issue there is two points if you observe in system processor fan automatically restarting. There is sign of  SMPS Problem 2. even you changed the SMPS there might be a chance to RAM in this cases first go for RAM and next for SMPS.

5. Very few cases we seen this issue System power on but no display that please check once SMPS but this issue you will face very less cases.

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