Wespro digital helpline number

022 24955412 / 022 24955245


Subrahmanian S H said...

Would like to have:
Address and Contact Details of Service Centre at Mulind Thaane, Mumbai, India.
Sylvania Mini Laptop needs formatting and loading essential software.

Manasa said...

can you please provide me the genuine numbers of customer care/service centres of WESPRO Mobile and Tablets

Hema said...

Purchased online through India Times a Wespro Tablet and Mobile which is not in working condition and Indiatimes.com is shrugging off the responsibility of either giving me a tablet in working condition or providing the proper/genuine numbers of WESPRO service Centres. They are literally cheating the customers.

Anonymous said...

The new wesport I bought through timesinternet, the internet port is not operational kindly let me know , where I should take the product for servicing. Kannan rajakannan@rediffmail.com

raj Thakor said...

મારે ટેબલેટ બગડી ગયુ છે સમુ થશ