How you will find is it Hard Disk Problem ? 2

In the last post we discussed about hard disk about click sound.

1. Next we will see another Hard Disk issue this may happen some cases.

2. Here i have to tell you there is a 2 points 1 is in BIOS you can find hard disk detect or not if did not find please check hard disk power cable or OK not next change smps.

3. Max cases due to hard disk failures hard disk not showing in bios.

4. you can replace new hard disk. in some cases system won't power on. this is most important tip in your hardware training. that time go first change smps don't connect hard disk power cable.

5. if you got the display go for connect hard disk power cable sometime system won't run or you don't get display.

6. Here you can sure that there is Hard Disk issues.

7. Some times you may confuse with Hard Disk issue or not then insert new hard disk run  and install os and leave it or run 30 mins you will find or you can say to customer it's Hard Disk Issue.

How you will find is it Hard Disk Problem ?

How you will find is it Hard Disk in your system.

1. Here we can't say it is Hard Disk problem in some conditions. I faced alot of issues in this cases first instance i told to customer after fully checking sometimes it's come to wrong. I will explain these issues.

2. While system power on you may receive some "Click Click" sound near to Hard Disk it maybe hard disk issue. 

3.Please don't say customer it is hard disk issue change the Hard Disk power cable or change or test with smps.

4. If you find same issue you can say it's Hard Disk Issue. Sometimes due to power cables issues you may get that sound from hard disk. we seen this issues nearly 40 to 50 times.

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