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krishna kumar tiwari said...

No action has been taken yet……

From: Krishna
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 5:18 PM
To: ''; ''
Cc: ''; ''
Subject: Ref. Complaint no. 1958474

Dear Mr. Kumar.

I am having a horrible experience with your services..
I had purchased a Bajaj Mixer Juicer JX-4 through online shopping about 2 months back. The Steel Jar has got cracked from one side.
Thereafter, I lodged a complaint no. 1958474 on 11th Dec with your customer support, every day I follow up with them and a new no. is given to me of a dealer to follow up with , nothing is happening and your people are trying to fool me around since last 10 days.

I think I did a big mistake of buying your product, a company is judged by it’s services and after support.

Please remind your people of your company’s vision ->>>
We aim to bring greater happiness to our customers, through our products
and services, while continuously enhancing stakeholder value

I look forward for an early resolution to the problem.

Best Regards
Krishna Kr. Tiwari
+ 91 9990574183

Anonymous said...

i too have exactly same issue, but you are lucky that they are fooling since 10 day only. I am being fooled by these bastards since a month.

please never buy anything from Bajaj.

Unknown said...

I Purchased On Januvary. First 2013 .bajaj Pulsur 150 At Perumbavoor Jkb Showroom (ernakulam Dist. -kerala)

My Bike Registration Number Is Kl-40-g 5328.... The Pulsur 150 Now Full Complaint.. I Contacted Perumbavoor Jkb Show Room
But They No Responds..

My Bike Complaint Is First No Milage.. Only Get 20 -25 Kilometre Second Complaint Is Engine Sound Is Very High Sound..and Third Complaint Is
Front Disk Brake Now Damaged... Show Room Told...disk Is Bend Also .told Change The Disk .... Disk Price And Servicing Charge Is Above 10000 Told Now.. What Do Me? I Contacted Also Bajaj Ernakulam Main Show Room.. No One No Responds..

Kindly Take The Action . Other Wise I'm Go To Consumer Court.. I Want Refund Or I Want Servicing..or I Want Change My Bike. Whats Your Service.. Its Tooo Bad..

No Customere Care Number And No Responds .... Kindly Take An Action Immidiatly

At The Same Time Purchased My Friend Bike Is No Complaint Now... My bike is full complaint.. engine sound and all is complaint.

kindly Responds My email - My contact Number is 09995677870


Dell Tech Support Phone Number said...

thanks for posting the toll free numbers .

customer care contact number said...

Thank you. Your blog was very helpful and efficient For Me,Thanks for Sharing the information.

Anonymous said...

Fucking fans i never ever seen

I had purchased 10 bajaj fans in which 5 have been pissed off. I contacted customer care thy r giving me new new complaint numbers. And thy gave a great person name yadgiri tht fellow only knw to keep conforance in phone and instruct thr service people to visit, those idiots will say we will visit but thr is no use wht the hell thy r fucking in thr service shops

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

This is to inform you that my bajaj cooler is not working properly.
I have raised complaints 5 times but seems like the problem is coming again and again.
Earlier, the motor got down and it was replaced and soon after 4 - 5 days it went down again. It is not at all working now. I have again registered a complaint in customer service but nobody bothered to visit and fix it.
Already a lot of time is wasted and there is no use of this non-working cooler.

Model number: DC 2015, Purchased on April 2013
My Complaint number: 2979262

Please refund my money

Vivek Kumar

sukhbir singh yadav said...

What is the Delhi service center number north east Delhi....

Anonymous said...

Actually they are fucking with thrir own mothers and sisters

Unknown said...

Nice post. Very useful information. will keep in mind while purchasing in future.

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kk said...

i am traqpped too buying bajaj geyser. Bajaj electrical has such substandard geyser that it starts leaking every 3 month. It seems that there water tank cannot sustain hardwater. the onsite service is still worst. Its a test of your patience. The will make fool out of you and try to extract money. I HAVE RAISED A COMPLAINT 15 TIMES SO FAR IN PAST 3 YEARS. sO THINK TWICE BEFORE BUYING SUCH SUBSTANDARD PRODUCT...


Anonymous said...

The worst ever Customer experience I am having with Bajaj people. They do not know how to speak to a customer, neither they understand the importance of the customer exigency. They are the most untrained people I have seen in my life !!! There is a people as well as training issue in the system.

deepak said...

thanks for tollfree no.

Unknown said...

Dear bajaj, ,I would like to introduce myself as srikanth reddy, plot no 1, 5-1050, , baliahnagar colony, alwal, secunderabad 500010, phone9640011123, service request no6438582. My first complaint call date was on 20-2-2015 . your executive one Mr venkatesh from VINAYAKAA Enterprises, hyderabad, ,has visited my place and checked the geyser and said some technical fault in geyser and said he had set it right and charged 350 rupees as service charges. The next day the problem arises again and after repeated calls another person called padmanabham was sent on 28-2-2015. After checking the geyser he said there is a problem with the combistat and it has to be changed. I agreed for that and asked him to change the combistat after charging me 850 rupees. To my bad experience again the very next day the problem arises again and I have been calling them again and again there has been no response from vinayakaa enterprises until today. .I feel embrassed Such a reputed firm like bajaj are  taking the customers for a ride even after paying about 1000 rupees and couldn't not deliver the after sales service. ..All my efforts trying to reach your vinayakaa enterprises has been futile. ..SHAME ON YOU BAJAJ

Unknown said...

Service charge