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Vikash Chaudhary said...

dear sir
i am customer of maruti i am very unhappy your product

suresh choudhary
mob no 09549072822

Sharaf's said...

i have bought maruti ertiga from indus motors vatakara calicut dist kerala just a week back. unfortunatly after few days on the way to calicut this car touched with a vehicle nd had a small dent on the door side. i gave my car to indus body work shop. after 3 days they kept my newly boght car in a dirty places having rain and sunshine , they delivered the car. when i checked the painting is so poor as there are full of dots, burnings, bubbles. i really disappointed and did Nt recieve vehicle. there is a stupid manager who never care the custumer but ignores. sharaf 9037387871

vikrant tari said...

dear sir/madam....
I have purchased maruti swift vdi with registration no MH-03-BE 5308 from vitesse ,mumbai.
I have been regularly doing servicing of my car in maruti vitesse workshop,andheri west,mumbai.
I came for my car servicing on 9/7/2013 for servicing at 30000 kms.
After completing the service of the car,i had noticed that the gps navigation system was not working.
I took my car to the person who installed it and i came to know that the navigation card was stolen.
I reported the matter to vitesse workshop but at the end they informed me that i have signed that if valuables are stolen,they are not responsible...
It came as rude shock for me bcos the value of navigation card was 7000 rs and it was stolen for obvious reasons..
the credibility of service centres is in doubt as things gets stolen which are installed in cars..
kindly look into this matter as credibility of maruti suzuki is at stake.

dr vikrant tari

mittal said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have maruti desire which was purchased before just 1 year. The car is giving milize below 10 KM Per Liter. This car is running only in City (Kolkata). 2nd thing is that every after 2-3 months this care giving some problem and when taken to Service Cetre (Authorised By Maruti) every time Bill is being made of rupees 5,000/ average of which 90% is labour charges.
Can any one Suggest me what should i do with this care ?
The Car has Registered Number WB-06H-9921

mittal said...

I raised complain with Customer care at Given Nos. (1800 1800 180) wide Complain No. 3605409379 on 23/08/2013 at 5.55 P.M.
Let see what solution come out

Anushree Jaiswal said...

I have maruti swift desire which was purchased just before 3 month from pune, and i think this is the worst car, and the service from the showroom is third class..
dr. sarvesh jaiswal
mob. no. 09764252881.

Amit Gupta said...

Car No. DL 9CK 7865

I m highly dissatisfied with the services provided by Magic Auto Service Centre, Mayapuri. On 7th Sept. I met an accident and forward my car to Magic Auto, Mayapuri for repair and after 21 days they gave my car back just changing outer parts. They have done nothing on technical side. When I contact Mr Ansari (Serive Advisor) he said that they had nothing to do with tecnical problems but I want to say that if in accident technical problem also arises than who will deal with that. My car has started heating up and even wobbling also.

On my first service they didnt wash my car
On second service my mud flaps were missing and when I complaint nothing happened and it hapapned 5 yrs back.
Third time I gave my car for servicing and horn was working properly when I compaint they said that electrician is not available, i got it corrected outside (How can a big service station has only 1 electrician).
Fourth time is described above regarding technical problems as defined by Mr Ansari from Magic Auto, Mayapuri.

My experience with Magic Auto has been worst from the day I bought Car from them and it is getting worst day by day.

I would neither buy nor recommend any one to go to Magic Auto. Highly disappointed with their service and hospitality.

Kindly advise them to get my car corrected.

Thanks & Regards

Sumit Gupta

Anonymous said...

Hello Sirs, I am from coimbatore. I bought a Maruti WagonR VXI from Ambal Auto a month ago . The vehicle came with company fitted music system. I am not provided the remote for the same. Dealer told me to get remote from outside. Maruti recommends genuine accessories, why should I get remote from outside and moreover its is not available in outside marked, The catalogue for the music system mentions that remote control will be provided with vehicle and it also explains how to use the remote control, why should it explain the details for the one which is not provided, so please solve my issue. I am dissatisfied with the reply from the dealer.

Anonymous said...

Car No. MZ-01 8581

Hello Sir, I am from Aizawl, Mizoram. I bought Maruti Ritz Zxi (latest model) from Mizoram maruti Dealer (HB Motors) on 19 Oct 2012. It is a very good car. But unfortunenately, my car got accident on June 2013. And i have to change some body parts like front bumper, bonnet cover.. so i'm trying to buy it from the dealer and they told me to wait for 1 month. But they still don't have it till today. Its been already 4 months.. I don't know what to do. Please help me. My car is just standing, i cannot drive it like 4 months..


Pramod Vijayan said...

may I please have your attention for I have something to say to you. I have owned a car since 2006. It was maruti 800, my first car, then it was an alto and now I own a maruti Ritz vdi, which i purchased on 2012 for 6.35 lacks, if I might add. And all I use this car for is to go to my work place, which is around 12 km from my home and for occasional visits to my spouse’s and friends home.

From the moment I got the car it started showing issues. The first one was that the horn wasn’t working as it should have. After 5 to 6 visits and several bouts with the dealer I had that replaced and not far since then another issue arise. The door wasn’t closing completely. I went back to the service station and got that fixed up. Please look at other options instead of BLINDLY buying z mzruti car. you can see the images of rusting at


Hello Sir,

I purchased a SWIFT VDI 3 months back. My question is can I get that fitted with ABS. If Yes, then what is the cost?

Will wait for your reply.

Thank you

Vishal Sharma

Vaisak N.Valsalan said...

Hello sir,
I purchased a SWIFT DZIRE ZDI 2 months back and i'm unhappy with your product..lot of problems in my car with in 2 months..
1) gear shifting hard and reverse not working proper...
2) front RHS and LHS seat belt holder not fix properly...
3) front RHS seat rattling sound always...
4) hand brake lever excess play after 1st service(1000km)...
5) rear LHS door can't open from's not geting open when unlock....
6) its roof and all 4 roof handles, 'A' , 'B','C' pillars full dirty...
dear team i'm totally disatisfied...what i will do....
my veh ch:no-401200.
name:vaisak n valsalan

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir / Madam,
Sub: Service complaint – Wagon R – Job card No: JC13021942
I, Ravi Kumar S, owner of Wagon R have been doing my service regularly at M/s. Ambal Auto, No: 23/1, Perundurai Road, Kumalan Kuttai, Erode – 11. PH: 0424 - 3056600
In the past 4 – 5 months, I have spent close to Rs. 22,000 /= but I didn’t get the value for the money that I spent. Whatever the complaint that we had on the car is still persisting. I have provided the break-up on the amount that I spent.
SEP 2013 – Rs 16,000 /=
NOV 2013 – Rs 4,000 /=
JAN 2014 – Rs 1,300 /=
On Jan 11, 2014 I dropped off my car with following complaints:
1) Screeching noise while braking at slow speed before vehicle comes to halt
2) Peculiar noise from right front wheel while driving at high speed
3) Horn was not working properly
4) Exterior wash & general checkup
Mr. Sebastin called me up on Jan 12, 2014 morning & informed me that, car was ready for pickup. I replied back saying I will come& pickup at noon. I was there in the office at 11:50 AM & waited with my family for more than 45 minutes to take the delivery of the car.
When I eventually took delivery of the car from deliver bay & applied brakes after driving hardly about 10 feet, same screeching noise came up (#1 listed above). I called up the Customer care manager, Mr. Selva Kumar & complained about it. He asked another technician to drive the car & he too confirmed that problem still persists. Few other technicians re-worked on that again for another 25 mins & they said the car is ready. When I test drove, that noise was not coming but it reappeared after couple of days & now it is very noisy, whenever I apply the brakes at slow speed.
For complaint #2, I don’t know whether they addressed it or not as it is not coming again as I have replaced all four tires with brand new ones. Complaint #3, was not an issue at all as the horn was working as expected. So for no reason I was charged close to Rs 1500 /= without providing any kind of service & the mental stress that I underwent.
M/s. Ambal auto, Erode is providing very poor quality of service by putting customer’s life at risk. What if something unfortunate happens while driving because of the poor quality of service they are providing? Will you take the responsibility for that?
I believe you are not providing this service for charity. You are charging the customers for the service you are providing & all we are asking is to provide the value for the money we are spending rather than doing a shitty job by the service provider.

Arup Sen said...

Subject: The Complain number is: 2710500170.Worse Car’s service experience from SENAI MOTOR (KOLKATA)

Hello Team,

Greetings for the day!

I am ARUP SEN, stay at KOLKATA. ADDRESS: (AD-314, Rabindra Pally, Krishnapur or Kestopur, Kolkata - 700101) I am owner of Three Car, brand maker of MARUTI SUZUKI. I have Two ERTIGA (VDI) – whose registration number is: (WB26R9837) and (WB26S6100). Also rather I have one Suzuki Zen which is usually done service’s and checking from outside as due to worse behavior and services from the SENAI MOTOR.

Today since from the morning, I have taken my car ERTIGA VDI (WB26R9837), for checking the Brake, wheel portion and Steering to get the further diagnose by the engineer, so that we can expect the issue to be resolve by the engineer. Though from the last 1 week I had noticed that my steering is getting vibrate while driving my car at speed of 80 Km/hr. So, for this issue I came to know from the MARUTI department that MOHON MOTOR has already resigned the dealership for the MARUTI SUZUKI. They advise me to take my car to SENAI MOTOR. As per their request I have given the full ownership for my car to get the issue further investigate so that, they can fixed the issue.

But after spending my time for 4-5 hours over there, the engineer reported me that. I need to change my Car’s five tyres with the wheel RIM. After I repeatedly asked what issue is, they again suddenly advised that if I re-align the wheel balance then the problem will be solved. As per there advice they also re-align the wheel for the, but the problem is still there. At last the engineer was not able to clear and fixed the issue with the steering. Post of the day, I moved to local engineer, who have repair my wheel balance and re-align the wheel as well. Now the problem has totally gone. It highly unfortunate to go with such experience with the service from the SENAI MOTOR.

Let me give the clear picture. After I purchase this car, I have already wasted the enough money within the warranty period.
01. On 15000 KM (The suspensor Link has been changed for Left side)
02. On 25000 km (The suspensor link again has been changed for right side)
03. On 30000 KM (The Vacuum pump of car’s got damage, on which the engineer has repaired the same and when I asked them to replace, the engineer advice the parts is not available)
04. On 35000 km (The full set clutch plate has been changed)
05. 40000 KM (The Gear box repair, where the engineer change the gear lever lock)
06. On 53000 KM (The engineers is asking to change the full % tyres with my wheel RIM)
07. So after 53000 KM (We will expect the engineer to again say, now please I need to change my Car)

Is this a proper service is provide by your work shop?
This is the worse service I ever seen.

And After this issue I also make sure that, I will go ahead and advice every people that, please don’t take MARUTI SUZUKI’s CARS, as they service is so poor that, you will not be satisfied also the Maintenance of the car is really very high.

I have complained on your centre. The Complain number is: 2710500170. I would request you to please take the further action as quickly as possible and also please let me know. My contact number is: 9836592987 and 9433271511.

Please do needful require!

Anonymous said...

I had a worst experience with Popular service center; if anyone get your vehicle serviced Please dont go! Useless service engineers and keep stealing money; Crap

Nitin Tyagi said...

I would like to share my car servicing experience with your authorized services station D N Autoland E-4 Meerut road industrial area (nera old meerut chungi) Ghaziabad.

I had some problem with my Wagon r car no. UP 14 AV 4555 , i took it to DN Autoland and they charged me 2200/- rs but the problem didn't resolve.

Then i took the car back and they again charged 1700/- rs but this time also problem didn't resolve and i took it back and they again charged 6800/- rs and problem is still there.

Now please let me now what should i do. i thought authorized service station are the most trusted and we should only take our car to them but they proved me wrong.

I just wanted to brings this to your notice that service station like them are running the name of maruti or i must running the trust created by maruti from so many years.

Please be informed that they don't even have any trained staff they use people keep on experimenting there. they still doesn't know what is wrong with my car.

i'd like you to intervene and look into the matter as problem is still not resolved.

Please ask them raise the refund for the same or else i'll have to take this matter to the consumer court.

I hope you guys still believe in customer relationship and you'll resolve it as soon as possible and you will take some strict action against them so that they don't cheat their customer again or they should stop calling themselves ' THE AUTHORIZED SERVICE STATION OF MARUTI'


Nitin Tyagi

Mob:- +91 9999351818

Wilfred Topno said...

I have given to Service workshop at Saikia Auto North lakhimpur. In the month of April 2015. As-07-6941- Maruti-ECO. On 13th August I have gone to workshop they told me that on 17th August only they will start working on the vehicle. I am wondering how much time they need to do the job.