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  • Vodafone / 198 (BlackBerry toll free) & 98200 98200 (from any phone)
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  • Tata Teleservices / 121 (Postpaid) & 12524 (Prepaid)


Unknown said...

Hi I bought bb 9360 in the month of March 12 but really bad experience with Blackberry. Phone is also not good as compare to prize. too much battery problem. customer support is super duper third class means very very bad.

Unknown said...

Warranty means no service will be provided by black beery in warranty period

Ajay Goel said...

Poor quality of Black Berry Hand set and poor services from HCL Infosystems
I purchase new BB set on 25th April 2013
set gone bad within 2 months of purchase and it was submitted at Janak Puri repair center on 24th June. HCL took 3 weeks to replace the same
With in two days of replacement again this phone gone out of order.Same was re submitted Dtd 18July 2013 It is more than a month has passed my phone is still under repair
I am surprised ! HCL service center Manager of Janak Puri Delhi service center is cooking new story on replaced mobile.
If you are not capable to repair the mobile then why you accept the job work .I am failed to understand how new mobile can go bad twice?I would like to know answer to my questions.You are requested to expedite and help me in this regard.


Ajay Goel said...

First do not purchase BB.By mistake if you have purchased then pray God it does not go out of order. Because BB repair centers are run by in efficient people from HCL Infosystems.They are manipulating with all faulty sets in a rotation.
Es ki topi uske sur.

businessguru said...

I have purchased Blackberry-9320B model from Sale Point(2012-13), Shop No.-6, Ram Mandir Square, Subham Market, Bhubaneswar vide Invoice No.1383 Dated: 10-06-2012 for Rs.15,200/-
01. During the last one year, in few occassions the mobile got automatically restarted.
02. For the last few months, the battery back up is only for few hours; maximum 4-5 Hours.
03. On 02-08-13, I have visited the retail counter i.e. Sale Point at Bhubaneswar, inform them regarding those problems; they informed us that the Battery Warranty period is 18 months and i can get it serviced either Blackberry'S Bhubaneswar or Rourkela Service Centre.
04. Today i.e. on 06-08-2013, I have visited Blackberry Authgorised Service Centre M/s. Shree Jagannath Agency, Udit Nagar at Rourkela. They informed me that they need 02 Hours for latest software upload, which is free of cost, but have to bear additional Rs.200/- charges for taking back up. Even after then the battery back up does not improve, I have to buy the battery @Rs.2200/- as the battery warranty period is for 06 months only. For Blackberry charger i have to cough up another Rs.1350/- and as intimated by them, no charger with USB port is available.

How being a consumer we can depend upon this branded company like Blackberry, where it is expected that their Handset will give us trouble free services for at least 02 years. Spares and Accessories are also too costly, sometimes equivalent to new handset.

Can any one suggests what suitable action may be taken?

Sumanjeet said...

I have sinned. I purchased a BB handset. As designed, it flunked. I deposited it at Janakpuri. For 3 consecutive days I sent a office assistant to collect stand by handset and for 3 consecutive days they cooked one story or the other. I spoke to Mr. Umesh( # 8826729888) and every time he was prepared with a beautiful rosy excuse.

Made escalation to his line manager Mr. Rajiv Rajan (9717001698) but that poor chap also could not make Umesh give in. I feel pity for Mr. Rajan on how he would be delivering with a team paying no heeds to his instructions.

Anyhow I wrote to BB care, HCL Service center, BB Canada, made ISD calls and countless emails but in vein.

No one knows where the Blackberry office is or where their service head sits. I am convinced that like GOD, Blackberry office is also a super natural power and I will need to attain MOKSHA to find them...

Wana hear, write to me on and I will be glad to share all emails I had written....


Unknown said...

I have lost my Blackberry 8520 two days back .so please guide me how i can locate my mobile or block my phone.

anupam said...

you are right same they had done with me i must say they should close service center because there is no use of that they just cheating there customer
and making money

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you.I too faced problem with incompetent service centres at Dadar Mumbai,India.My BB torch 9800 is given for repiars however even after 3 days BB is unable to figure out what is wrong.This is the competency level of world renowned mfg of handset .

Anonymous said...

I have given my BB at service centre located at Dadar Mumbai India on 8th Jan.Today is 3rd day but BB service centre is unable to make out what is to be done.They are simply incompetent guys.Best of luck to BB buisness in India.Nitin

Unknown said...

this is sid here some body help me to root my blackberry playbook os virson so pls contect me in no:+919041220765

Anonymous said...

please my blackberry got stolen some days ago can i possibly get it back through ur help directly or indirectly

Lokesh Jangid said...

BlackBerry service center provides the addresses and information in India.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
I want to purchase Black berry Q10. for that i need some information regarding
this model. kindly answer the following queries.

1.whether this model will working on 4G network or not ?
2.whether blackberry internet plan is compulsory for running its applications or not ?
3.can i use this mobile without blackberry internet package ?

kanti ram joshi said...

i have bought a blackberry 9860 in the year 2012, i thought that having big company will make thing better & easy for me to get timely assistance but for my surprise it was terrible & i would rate the service and other assistance from blackberry people a big third class, a big zero, i would suggest people to not to buy blackberry mobiles. i am from dehradun city of uttarakhand which is a modern city having almost every facility in the city but having blackberry mobile & to think about technical help from its authorise service centre in dehradun is a bad experience. i have problem with my mobile in the month of july 2015 & got it repaired from authorised service centre at dehradun but the same problem erupted one week later which they repaired again but after three months the same problem comes again when i went to get it resolved they told that they will charge the service charge having no other service centre in the city i have to accept their undue demand. but this shows how a company could play with its customers how its customers could be forced to meet the undue and unjustified demand of a company. at the end i would like to suggest all the people of this country to not to buy the mobile of this company.

Unknown said...

Your comment is awaiting moderation.
I was gifted bbz30 by my friend mr.yadunanadan with mailid as subsequently I changed mail I’d as bit now I am unable to use BlackBerry World since

Unknown said...

I have to reset my bbz30 I don't remember password and its getting hanged