Best CPU Configuration Under 20k

 Hi viewers do you want cpu under Best CPU Configuration Under 20k which runs efficient and run all your application like Photoshop, Pagemaker, and Office AUTO Cad, Video Editing PC, Data Copying PC, applications etc...

Here the few details

H81 Motherboard

Ducal Core 4th gen Processor

8gb Ram

120 GB SSD (Minimum) (Max your wish)

1TB Seagate / WD HDD

Cabinet (as per your requirement)

This pc comes under 

(the above pc with Zebronics Motherboard and rest normal items it will come around 14000)

Same as above just change processor for faster 

Just go i3 4th or i5 4th

ducal core processor less 1000 or 1500

i3 processor comes under 3500

i5 processor comes under 5000

for games go for Graphic card / Autocad / Video Editing Works 

go for i5 processor with graphics card

final amount will be 20000/-

Note: While choosing SSD Video Editing or Games and other highend go for 256 or 512

If you need any feel free to comment us i will give my suggestions 

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